indtrac platform

INDTRAC is a single scalable platform that lets us hook remote IOT gateways and process the data stream reaching the platform. The platform filters, cleans, analyses and presents those information through various smartphone Apps and web Apps. Android Apps are all available in Google play.
It supports tracking assets or personnel indoor using BLE /RFID based tags. It supports tracking shipments and assets outdoor using custom QR codes. It also lets you track ambient parameters like Temperature and Humidity in a site or mobile vehicles like Reefer containers.
In short it is one single platform for all your tracking needs whether you run a healthcare setup or warehouses.

How INDTRAC works

Tag -> Reader -> INDTRAC Server

For Indoor tracking, every asset is fixed with a RFID or BLE tag. These tags wirelessly communicate with on-premise RFID reader or BLE gateway. These readers send these data to INDTRAC server in real-time. When a user logs in to INDTRAC App, the user can manage and view the assets from the App. App can be accessed through a smartphone as well as desktop computer.

Like Assets, INDTRAC can be used to track and monitor in-patients and staff. Patients are supplied with special wrist-bands and the staff are provided special ID cards which are equipped to communicate to a nearby fixed RFID reader or an BLE gateway. All the tags, wrist-bands and ID cards are designed safe to wear.

Live View of Assets

INDTRAC web application can be accessed from a desktop or smartphone from anywhere. The web App, beside providing a live view of assets on the indoor floor plan, also lets the user provision, manage assets remotely. Search lets the user find current location of any asset in the building. The user can ask for all assets in a floor and confirm that all equipment are in place with just a click.

INDTRAC Asset View

INDTRAC also monitors and generates real-time alert when an asset is out of floor or zone as configured by the Admin. Real-time Alerts and custom notifications are delivered to designated phones and can be viewed with INDTRAC App.