Enhance warehouse efficiency with precision indoor tracking

Get rid of costly time and resource wastage in finding misplaced equipment

With INDTRAC RFID/BLE track your assets in real-time and improve overall Asset Utilization drastically

Designed with the goal to reduce operational cost for realtime indoor tracking, INDTRAC offers accurate and real-time visibility of your assets using Industry-standard RFID or BLE devices of your choice at the lowest TCO

Smart Warehouse Operations

A location-intelligent Warehouse is endowed with precise knowledge of current location of all its assets and people

Fast Asset Audit

With real-time location information of all assets, audit becomes a lot simpler, quicker and inexpensive operation

Hot zone monitoring

With wireless sensors installed in sensitive zones, real time monitoring of ambient temperature and other parameters is effortless


Intuitive UI

Use web-based UI from your mobile or laptop browser to manage your assets and users

Cloud-native SaaS

Advantage of SaaS model - pay as you use, no captive software to maintain


Option to use any indoor tag technologies, INDTRAC supports all

Indoor Geo-Fencing

Mark the boundary for any asset and INDTRAC will alert you whenever the asset is moved out of that zone

on-demand location search

Find out which asset is at which location now at the touch of a button on your Phone

Hot zone Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of temperature / humidity for your sensitive wards against both low and high watermark

Real-time alert

Alerts delivered to your phone in real-time, so that you get to act on timely

Access Control

Two level Access Control - Admin and User level access separation

Lowest Cost

INDTRAC helps you improve your bottom line at lowest cost of solution ownership