Salient Features

Wide range of sensors

Supports all BLE sensors from leading vendors. This ensures that it covers diverse use cases like monitoring cold storage at -25ºC or monitoring laboratory items at a fixed temperature and humidity. It also supports monitoring air quality parameters like CO or VOC.

Continuous Data monitoring

Sensor data is continuously read and analyzed for anomalies in real time and then saved for future analysis

Sensor Map View

View all your sensors in a indoor floor map. Watch their current status (Green if all parameters are within range, red otherwise) from anywhere any time freeing you from getting locked into your office.

View current reading

Select a sensor from map-view and see the latest readings. It always shows current reading and if the data is not current, tells you that there is no current reading. This way you are always certain that you are not looking at stale data.

Historical Chart

Select the sensor's history to see chart of all parameters it gathered in last 48 hours. Data is plotted against the high and low watermark defined by you to show the overall pattern.

Real time Alert

As the parameters are monitored, whenever a parameter violates the range, an alert about the zone and the sensor reading is delivered to your phone in real time. No more worrying about HVAC failing or getting out of green zone, the system monitors for you and alerts you when action is needed.