What is Indoor Tracking?

In a large concrete building, GPS signal often is lost. Moreover if you have multiple floors, rooms separated by walls, GPS is inadequate the provide precise location information. Indoor Tracking technologies provide you the capability to track your assets, large and small, in real time across the floors and rooms.

What benefit do I get from tracking indoor?

You would never have to delay OT because an important equipment was missing. You would never have to waste staff time in finding missing or misplaced assets. You will know where every patient is at any time and avoid surprises and delays. Hospitals reported reducing lost articles drastically after adopting RTLS

What would be my cost?

Depending on your use, you can use either RFID or BLE tags. RFID passive tags are very cheap but the RFID readers are relatively expensive. On the other hand, BLE devices are way cheaper and provide better accuracy and robust identification but the tags require battery which are to be replaced every 2-3 years. Internal layout determines how many readers and gateways are to be fixed. In short your cost depends on multiple factors but we at INDTRAC take pride in aggressively bringing down your total cost of ownership for the overall solution.

How is your solution better for me?

Typically a RTLS vendor employs multiple third-party services to provide you the complete service. We have developed our technologies in house so that we do not need 3rd party services. We also designed the SaaS model to provide maximum cost efficiency to you. We therefore can assure you that our cost model will be provide faster RoI to you.

What if I do not want to commit full cost?

You can deploy for a small area and once you are comfortable you can expand at your convenience. In fact we recommend that you run pilots to gain confidence before you provision for the entire hospital.


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