INDTRAC Solution for Hospitals

Numerous studies showed that adopting RTLS improved asset utilization drastically for a hospital and saved thousands of dollars.
A fully cloud-native, secure RTLS, INDTRAC is designed to make real-time asset tracking simple to adopt, easy to use and highly budget-efficient for a hospital

INDTRAC gives real-time Location Information for every Asset and every Patient in your Hospital

View Assets on the floor map

Search and Locate Equipment

Monitor patient’s movement

Simple, Powerful UI

Use UI from your mobile or laptop browser to manage your assets and users

Cloud-native SaaS

Take advantage of SaaS model of payment with no software to maintain


Choose any tag technology from BLE, RFID or UWB - INDTRAC works with all tag types

Indoor Geo-fencing

Mark the boundary for any asset and INDTRAC will alert you whenever the asset is moved out of that zone

Instant Location Audit

Find current location of all assets on a floor or a designated area on the map

Monitor hot zones

Continuous monitoring of temperature / humidity for your sensitive wards against both low and high watermark. No more late surprises!

Real-time Alerts

INDTRAC App delivers the alerts in real-time so that you do not lose precious time to act

Set your own Reminders

No more missing AMC renewal Date or missing Service Date for your expensive equipment

Lowest TCO

RTLS helps you to reduce your operational cost by improving asset and resource utilization. INDTRAC cost model ensures that your get fastest ROI from your investment