Track Your Office Assets In Real Time From Anywhere

Plenty of services available for tracking office assets or IT inventory for an enterprise. Typically inventory tracking applications use bar-codes to mark and identify assets. It helps the offices to categorize and manage the inventory of assets that they have procured. But rarely these services are able to show the facility manager current location of an asset or equipment in real time.

With INDTRAC a facility manager does not need to physically audit and track the assets, he can find out current locations of all assets on the floor from his smartphone on a floor map. He can also search and view current location of any particular asset.

Since INDTRAC is provided as cloud-native service, the service cna be availed from anywhere without any costly software installation. INDTRAC uses innovative map scheme to convert your floor plan into a live map and show assets as they move around, on the map.

Service requires installation of RFID readers / BLE gateways which communicate with RF tags fixed on each asset. To reduce errors, INDTRAC recommends using BLE tag, preferably with long battery life. However unlike many other vendors, INDTRAC does not insist on a particular model of tags or a specific manufacturer.

INDTRAC uses a flat pricing model and avoids complex calculations in order that you can have your peace. Call us for demo and pricing.